Streamline your bookings & boost your sales

Effortlessly manage bookings, save time, and elevate your revenue with our flexible and intuitive system. Reduce no-shows, enhance customer loyalty, and enjoy the simplicity of our customizable solution.

— Salon Mano a Mano success journey with Aspio —

Grow your business with Aspio booking system

Automate Appointment Management

Streamline your business operations with automated appointment management tool. No more manual booking hassles and enjoy the convenience of a system that handles scheduling and updates effortlessly.

Reduce Missed Appointments

Reduce missed appointments and improve customer satisfaction. Send automatic reminders, enabling you to proactively manage your schedule and keep your clients engaged.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Our customer-centric features, such as personalized notifications and loyalty rewards, help you cultivate loyalty, drive repeat business, and turn customers into brand advocates.

Enjoy a Consistent Experience Across Devices

Experience the convenience of accessing Aspio from any device. Whether you’re using a mobile, tablet, or computer, our responsive design ensures that your customers can easily browse and book new appointment times while providing you, as a salon owner, with the flexibility to efficiently manage your services and bookings. Our platform’s cross-device compatibility means that you can effortlessly stay in control of your business wherever you are, whether you’re on the go, at your desk, or managing operations remotely.

Seamlessly transition between devices without compromising on functionality or user experience, ensuring a consistent and efficient workflow for both you and your valued customers. Stay connected and take advantage of the convenience our platform offers, empowering you to optimize your business operations and provide exceptional service to your clientele.

4 easy steps in the booking process

1. Service selected

Allow your customers to easily begin their booking by choosing from your wide range of services, including options for additional treatments for a more customized experience.

2. Staff selected

Give customers the option to select their preferred professional, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. This feature can be enabled or disabled, providing you with flexibility and control.

3. Date & time selected

Enable your clients to choose a convenient date and time, with our user-friendly calendar that syncs effortlessly with your availability.

4. Customer information

Complete the reservation by swiftly capturing essential customer details, ensuring a personalized experience and data security.

Get started with Aspio

Book a demo meeting with our experts and discover how Aspio can revolutionize your business. Gain valuable insights, explore the key features, and understand how our platform can streamline your operations and maximize your success.

See how easy it is

The simplicity in our solution allows for a smooth and quick booking process which contributes to more returning customers

Works well on all phones, computes and tabletts

Responsive design means that it looks good on all devices

Whether your clients use a phone, computer or tablett they kan easily make a reservation in 4 simple steps.

1: Service –> 2: hairdresser/barber –> 3: Time –> 4: Name, Phone number –> Done!

Reports for sales, bookings & visitors

See how much money the salon has made, amount of bookings, highest paying clients and how many reservations every hairdresser receives.

Sort after day, month or year,